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Book your Naked Cleaner Now with Naked Cleaners "FOR YOU" - The UKS most daring naked cleaners.Book your Naked Cleaner Now with Naked Cleaners "FOR YOU" - The UKS most daring naked cleaners.

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PLEASE NOTE: Our booking fee has changed to £30 as of 18:00GMT 05/06/21. 

Thank you for your continued custom and thank you to Holly for your continued great service.

Once you make payment via the below "Pay Now" button, please Whatsapp Holly on +44 7399 323 507 or complete the Book Now form below to arrange your naked clean. 



All bookings are subject to our Terms & Conditions

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No Account Is Required to Pay with PayPal. Simply pay with your Debit or Credit Card (scroll to the bottom when PayPal opens, to Pay by Debit / Credit Card.


Naked Cleaners "FOR YOU" (trading as "FOR YOU" Services)

- The UK's most trusted, secure (for your privacy) and best Naked Cleaning Team

- Pay securely via PayPal (with your Debit or Credit Card - no account is required)

- Payment is made to "FOR YOU" Services, for your privacy (Not Naked Cleaners "FOR YOU").

- Holly will take care of your scheduling, once your booking fee is paid. *Sorry no scheduling or information will be provided until your booking fee is paid. All miscellaneous information and terms are found on our Rules / FAQs page here.

- Your booking will be scheduled to your required date / time in 90% of cases. If the booking cannot be made for that date and time your booking will be held until a time that is convenient to both you and our cleaner. Your booking fee will not be lost and will be refunded if we are ever unable to schedule the clean.


More Detail about your Booking


It only costs £30 to book and schedule your Naked Cleaners "FOR YOU" clean. This £30 is deducted from the total cost that you see in your cleaners "Pricing" area on their profile so please don't think the £30 is "on top" of the pricing you see... If you see the Price as £90 for a 1 hour booking on their profile, you pay your £30 booking fee to "FOR YOU" Services centrally, then pay your naked cleaner £60 in cash on arrival. Simple!

When you choose to book with Naked Cleaners "FOR YOU" ("FOR YOU" Services), your first booking with "FOR YOU" Services will be arranged once your first booking fee has been paid (£30). Once paid we will then arrange your cleaner for your required time (which is successful 90% of the time), or at a time that is acceptable to both you and the cleaner going forward.

The fee is paid with your Debit or Credit Card via a PayPal link (below), and your card will only say "FORYOU", for your privacy (paid to "For You" Services). Your booking fee remains valid until your domestic cleaning job is completed for you. The fee is required to be paid for confirmation you are serious about having your cleaner attend (they need to travel to you after-all) and to cover for scheduling/marketing fees.

Holly is our bookings executive. Once you pay your booking fee, please SMS, WhatsApp or Phone +44 7399 323 507 to schedule your clean. Note: Holly will not schedule a cleaner until your £30 fee is paid (see below to complete your booking fee payment).

For return customers you are then able to query us by WhatsApp or SMS as required (+44 7399 323 507) to arrange your future cleans. Sorry, we do not arrange or schedule cleaners until your first booking fee is paid (for new clients).

Pay your booking fee (£30) below by PayPal which is deducted from the total cost of your booking, and then enter your booking & details into the below form (or WhatsApp / SMS your request to +44 7399 323 507). 

Book your Cleaner now
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You can see our Terms and Conditions here > 


If you prefer once your booking fee is paid you can WhatsApp or SMS us your request to +44 7399 323 507 (please reference the PayPal booking Transaction ID or name listed at payment checkout otherwise sorry but we will not respond to your message).

*Regarding booking fee payment and your privacy > The booking fee is a portion of the total cost you see in the cleaners "Pricing", which is deducted from the total, and you pay the remainder in cash to the cleaner on arrival to your home / flat (for e.g. if the cleaners rate is £120 for 2 hours cleaning, once you pay the £30 booking fee you then pay the cleaner £90 in cash on arrival). Payment of your booking fee is made via your Credit or Debit card, via a PayPal payment link / page we provide you (no PayPal account is needed). The payment is made to our parent company, "For You" Services, and your Credit / Debit Card will only show "FORYOU", for your privacy. See the "Rules / FAQs" to understand the context of our service here >


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