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Naked Cleaners London and Nude Cleaning London

London Naked Cleaners

Naked Cleaners London "FOR YOU" is the longest running elite naked cleaning provider in London. Our team provides the highest level of naked cleaning services to all of the Greater London region and we value our great and enthusiastic London cliental base.

We provide our services discreetly, and under our parent business "FOR YOU" Services for our clients privacy. 

Our team of London Naked Cleaners are professional first and foremost, confident and fun. Most are centred within the city centre, and provide their services to locations accessible to tube, train and bus. Some drive and are able to access the Greater London locations and beyond, as well as central locations.

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining spin on traditional domestic cleaning in London, please try our team. We promise that you won't be disappointed.

We take pride in our service offering and enjoy the fact that we are able to work with customers with character. We are great to work with, and value customers who are great to work with too.

Our booking process is simple and efficient, and we value that our clients review our Terms and Conditions and FAQs before booking. We provide a simple booking process as stated, by clicking on the Book Now button on each of our naked cleaners profiles. The Book Now page provides all of the information that you require to book your preferred team member. To review the booking process, go here >

Please scroll down to peruse our great London Naked Cleaning team.


Name: Alani

About / Summary: She's back :). Back from travels and based in London. Alani is a stunning young lady of Central Asian and White European mix. She is a young, East London based nude cleaner and is keen to provide a great service to our clients one again after returning from a time away travelling. Alani has great confidence and is a no drama type person and is very confident as a naked cleaner for London based homes and flats. As Alani is East London based she can provide nude and naked domestic cleaning for Canary Wharf and surrounds and central London residents - yet anywhere with tube / bus service as well.

Something Unique: "A cute confident and obedient cleaner. Travels the world planting trees and needs work to fund her unsatisfied sweet tooth."

Age Range: 21-25

Height: 5'5  | Body type: Slim |  Services: All including fully naked

Location: Naked Cleaner Central London / Canary Wharf | Drive: NO

Rating: SILVER | Usual Availability: Day times and evenings with some notice | Vetted? YES


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London Naked Cleaner - Zuzanna

Naked cleaners LondonNaked cleaners London

Naked cleaner LondonNaked cleaner London

Name: Zuzanna

About / Summary: Zuzanna is a stunning young lady of Polish heritage. She has a lot of naked cleaning experience and is a very confident individual. She has a great busty physique and is one of our most popular nude cleaners. She does not drive so only has access to public transport network in and around London.

Something Unique: I love the theatre and visiting London's parks :)

Age Range: 26-30 | Ethnic Origin: White European | Nationality: European

Height: 5'5 | Drive: NO | Body type: Busty / Slim

Location: London Naked Cleaner | Services: All - including fully naked

Rating: SILVER | Usual Availability: Weekdays from 6pm onwards and on Saturday mornings (not available Sundays) | Vetted? YES


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Naked Cleaner West London - Marie

Name: Marie

About / Summary: Marie is our first naked cleaner to cover the West London area. She is slim and very fit woman who looks after herself very well (as you can no doubt see). She is a fun and dedicated person who takes pride in her domestic cleaning task but also enjoys putting on a little entertainment during her naked cleaning tasks. 

Marie is a pretty naked cleaner, and as stated above takes pride in her domestic cleaning tasks. We hope that you choose to book Marie soon :)

Something Unique: I’m a very natural looking women. I don’t have any body art or surgery. I’ve always kept myself looking good with healthy lifestyle exercise, a good diet & self love. I have real waist length hair, my own nails (best for cleaning). My eye lashes are naturally long & my eye brows lovely natural shape. I love lingerie fashion & everything girly and will make you and your house happy.

Age Range: 35-40 | Ethnic Origin: White European  | Nationality: British

Height: 5'3 | Body type: Slim / Very fit | Services: All - including fully naked cleaning, domestic cleaning and topless cleaning - and Marie loves to wear lingerie too ;).

Location: Naked Cleaner London and West London | Drive: YES

Rating: SILVER | Usual Availability: Day times and evenings | Vetted? Yes


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